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David Barnes, Ceramic Artist and Sculptor

David Barnes grew up in England and received his diploma in ceramics at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1977.  After establishing his business and producing both domestic ware and sculptural pieces, he  began to expand his work into garden ware and large pots.  In 1991, he began teaching art and design as the head of the Ceramic department at the Kent College, Dover. David obtained his certificate of Education at the university of London in 1993.

David's work has been featured in many exhibitions, museums and galleries throughout England and France.  His work continues to be recognized, and in 2005 he received highest honour by winning the ceramic competition at the Festival d'Argile (Roumazieres) Charente France, where his work is now on permanent display in the museum.

Moving to Canada in 2006, David continues his work and teaching in the foothills of the Rocky mountains.  This exceptional potter and sculptor is now sharing his talent and expertise by offering classes and workshops to students of all ages and skill levels.

You can find David's work featured in the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, the Leighton Art Centre, or visit his studio.  ( Directions  to the David's studio can be found in the "LOCATION" link above.)

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