July Hand Building & Throwing Summer School:  

July 15th - 19th,   9:00am - 6:00pm (1 hour lunch break) Instruction will be given from 9:30am - 4:30pm

$399 (includes GST) per person.  Full payment due before June 30th

Throwing Class:  Back to basics.   Wedging techniques and general clay preparation.   Bowls, cylinders, mugs, jugs and handles.  If you are a complete beginner or have some initial experience, this is the course for you.  Five days of intensive throwing and assembly.   Working towards an understanding of basic techniques.  Looking forward to all of those great pots you are going to make in the future.

Hand Building Class:  Transcription.  You will choose a painting or drawing that inspires you by an internationally know artist.  You will then design a vessel or vessels, piece or pieces of sculpture inspired by your chosen 2 dimensional art work.  The vessels or sculptures should reflect the essence of the art work.  You will be challenged to try and incorporate the relevant symbolism, intensity and sentiment you feel when viewing the painting.  

To register for this summer course,  Click Here, or visit the Registration link above.  Please indicate the name of the course you wish to attend.  

Maximum class size - 4-5 throwing and 3 - 4 handbuilding spots available.


Hand Building Class:  You will need to bring an image of your chosen artwork and sketches of the type of work you wish to create for the morning of July 8th as we discuss the initial development stage of your pieces.


Please bring with you a suitable apron or coveralls, a towel and any tools that you may already have.  Clay, equipment and additional tools needed for the course will be provided. Finished work will be charged for after firing, by weight, size and type of clay used.

EMAIL: daviddbarnes9@aol.com

PHONE: 403 968-1657

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