August Hand Building  &  Throwing Summer School:  

August 19th - 23rd,   9:00am - 6:00pm (1 hour lunch break) Instruction will be given from 9:30am - 4:30pm

$380  plus GST ($399) per person.  Full payment due before July 16th

Developing a contemporary approach to Ceramics:  

Pottery/Ceramics is moving more and more towards being categorized as Fine Art as the emphasis  moves further and further away from functionality towards emotive decoration and sculpture.  The Ceramicist must find new ways to work with traditional materials and processes to develop a more individual style of work.  You will initially be provided with a selection of images and through group and individual discussion we well experiment with different techniques to enhance the development and creation of those images.  Possible techniques to consider are, thrown and hand built combinations, different ways of texturing surfaces, including slips and clay body additives and how to use extrusions etc.  The key to creating new work is to develop from an initial idea that moves forward to ongoing development.

To register for this summer course,  Click Here, or visit the Registration link above.  Please indicate the name of the course you wish to attend.  

Maximum class size - 6 spots available.


Bring drawings, photos and general research that inspires you.  Not images of other potters or other ceramic artist work.   Also bring a pair of scissors.  August 6th will be the initial development stage of the work shop.


Please bring with you a suitable apron or coveralls, a towel and any tools that you may already have.  Clay, equipment and additional tools needed for the course will be provided. Finished work will be charged for after firing, by weight, size and type of clay used.


PHONE: 403 968-1657

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