August Summer School:


August 24th - 28th,   9:00am - 6:00pm (1 hour lunch break) Instruction will be given from 9:30am - 4:30pm

$400  plus GST ($420) per person.  Full payment due before August 1st (there may be additional costs for materials)

Mixed Medium Sculpture:  

This week is for students and artists who would like to try their hand at sculpture using a variety of materials other than clay.  (Maquettes will be made in clay, using armature if necessary.)

For Projects:  Plaster block carving, which is ideal as an introduction to stone carving. (Plaster can be treated as stone without incurring the expense of real stone).  Armature and plaster bandage techniques will also be discussed along with making armatures from steel, chicken wire, bubble wrap and expanding foam.   Scultpures can also be make from found materials and/or wood construction.

Some materials will be available from the workshop, some may need to be brought or purchased by the student during the week.  There will be a pre-course discussion with each individual to determine the material needed and to also create a basic outline of the project undertaken.  When deciding on a project, the student will be asked to create original work, which can be inspired by other artists, but not copied.

Inspiring Artists:  Claude Rodin, Alberto Giacometti, Constantin Brancusi, Henry Moore, Ben Nicolson, Antony Gormley, Donald Judd and Anish Kapoor...  

To register for this summer course,  Click Here, or visit the Registration link above.  Please indicate the name of the course you wish to attend.  

Maximum class size - 5 spots available.


Bring drawings, photos and general research that inspires you.


Please bring with you a suitable apron or coveralls, a towel and any tools that you may already have.  Clay, equipment and some additional tools needed for the course will be provided.  Any additional materials required will be charged for as they are needed.  


PHONE: 403 968-1657

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